Hyde Park Hayes

Winner - Communicator Award of Distinction

Hyde Park Hayes was a great little project we did for Pendragon Production, and was a very interesting take on presenting a new development near Heathrow airport.

Based on Pendagon script Keyframe created a few birds characters – Dudley and Edgar are two animated pigeons that through the story of the film show off the business park. After the approved script was signed off Asa directed the voice over actors. rough storyboards were done after a brief scouting shoot in the development was done. HDR reference were also taking to help later with the renders and compositing. Pendragon supplied the final background live action shoot edit and we set off with tracking each shot.

While the tracking process was happening Ben started with the design, modelling and lighting process. Once all this was done the Birds were lipsynced and animated.

Hyde Park Hayes won a Communicator Award of Distinction 2013 for online video.

Humming bird concept
Owl concept
Dudley and Edgar
Owl with walkie-talkie
Voice acting


    • Project

    • Hyde Park Hayes

    • Agency

    • Pendragon

    • Animation Director:

    • Asa Movshovitz

    • Design

    • Ilian Velikov

    • TD/Lighting

    • Ben Purkis

    • Rigging

    • Asa Movshovitz

    • AFX

    • Asa Movshovitz

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